Happy Mother’s Day!

by Courtroom Mama on May 9, 2010

I hope all of you mamas are having a wonderful day, and that the people in your life are celebrating the motherwork that you do, whether that’s gestating, nurturing, striving for a better world, and any of the infinite permutations of mothering. My hat is off to you. And so is Mr. T’s.*

And a special Happy Mother’s Day to Jessica Valenti of Feministing who just announced her pregnancy (and thanks to Mom’s Tinfoil Hat for tipping me off, because apparently I live under a rock). Welcome to the the path to the “other side”** — we’re cheering for you and wishing you an easy pregnancy and birthing.

*You’ll notice his endorsement of unmedicated birth (“M is moan an miserable groan from the pain that she felt when I was born”). So maybe not hypnobabies approved, but definitely favoring vocalization as a coping technique. ;)

** To clarify, this isn’t a reference to like “Team Edward” or “Team Jacob.” A childbirth educator once told me about a culture’s belief that there is a sort of chasm that separates mothers from women who are not mothers, and that childbirth is a rickety and sometimes scary bridge between the two that the woman must cross. It’s so narrow that only one person may cross at a time, so people can lend her support and cheer her along, but no matter what, the journey is hers alone. I like this metaphor a lot.

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